About us

Atinum Investment is a top-notch Venture Capital firm established in 1988. Our investment philosophy revolves around the idea of finding the right intrinsic value of venture companies. With the insight of the various industry specialists at hand at Atinum Investment, we have comprehensive expertise in unearthing companies with high growth potential.

For the past 28 years since its foundation, Atinum Investment has invested in about 350 companies despite the challenges presented by the various changes in economic conditions, transformations in industrial structures and shifts in consumer paradigms. We have weathered all storms to constantly fulfill our two main goals: fostering small- and medium-sized companies, and realizing fund management profits. Atinum Investment has successfully established 24 investment funds and liquidated 19 of them, and currently manages 5 investment funds, with operating assets about USD 450 Million (approx. KRW 500B).

Atinum Investment has been graded the highest ratings by the Small and Medium Business Administration every year. Not only do we strive for high IRRs for our funds, but we also excel in risk management and transparent management operations. Atinum Investment has been awarded "Best Venture Capital" and "Best Fund" awards in recent years, and we are recognized as one of the industry's leading venture capital firms.

Our Limited Partners consist of major government agencies including National Pension Fund, major financial services group, and major public and private companies.


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